About us

"Plastika" d.o.o. The plastics processing plant from Nova Varoš, was founded in 1959. The company has been in private ownership since 2004.

Company activity is manufacturing of plastic packaging.

The plant possesses gear for confectioning, flexo foil printing, regeneration, its own workshop for manufacturing of tools, devices and gear maintenance.

"Plastika" d.o.o. has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in 2009. For many years, the plant has successfully collaborated with companies in BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and EU members: Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

As a socially responsible company we advocate for the conservation of the environment. The license for gathering, storing and processing as well as transport of non-dangerous waste makes us proud.

"Plastika" d.o.o. manufactures foil rolls of the highest quality. The composition, dimensions and mechanical characteristics can be adapted to all requests of our customers. Depending on the requested characteristics, the foils are produced by extrusion and coextrusion of polyethylene.

Type of packaging that is produced in the factory

    greenhouse monofilament, UV stabilized with anti-fog additive, up to 8000mm, TS foil, mulch foil, PE foil rolls, industrial bags, coextrusion (2-layer and 3-layer) foil for agriculture, chemical and food industry, FFS foil rolls for granular and liquid fertilizers packaging.
    packaging volume size 0,25-230L (barrels, cans, canisters, jugs, dairy industry containers), automotive industry parts.
    technical products, fruit crates, milk crates, for common use, agriculture and the food industry.

Socially responsible


Polyehylene is classified as a minor environmental pollutant, considering its production efficiency, entirety of global polyethylene production contributes only 1% to the expenditure of crude oil products.

The emission of harmful substances is minimal thanks to clean and efficient production.

Polyethylene is highly recyclable, so its use is maximized, while its effect on the environment is minimal.

As a socially responsible company, we are exceptionally proud of our highly developed consciousness of conserving the environment which is confirmed by our quality policy.

We possess licenses for collecting, storing and treating non-dangerous waste.